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Guzman Behavioral Consulting is a top tier applied behavior analysis company with a "client comes first" mentality.  Our clinical expertise, paired with our dedication to the training and support of our employees, gives our clients the best chance of support that families search for.

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Why GBC?

Guzman Behavioral Consulting (GBC) is dedicated to ensuring that all employees are proficient in the principles of ABA and get the support and motivation needed to succeed in their job roles. 

Being a behavioral therapist is a tough and often lonely profession.  By investing heavily in our behavior therapists and making sure they are happy and healthy, we have seen a coinciding increase in our clients' progression.  

Happy and knowledgable therapists = Happy and successful families.

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Our Promise 

Our promise to you, is to provide top tier applied behavior analysis and to keep from shifting into a money hungry conglomerate company as you see so many of today.  We keep our business client focused as well as employee focused by always striving to problem solve any difficult situations that may present themselves down the road.

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