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About Us

Redesigning the ABA Agency Business Model

At Guzman Behavioral Consulting, we seek to find the most dedicated and hard working clinicians that have a passion for changing the lives of others.  We invest our time and commitment into these employees to ensure they are happy, satisfied and pushed to succeed professionally each and every day, by giving them the proper motivation, reinforcement and opportunities that other agencies may overlook.  

Investing in our employees has been one of the most prosperous strategies that GBC has implemented.  We see a correlation between happy and confident employees, and child progression (both in skill acquisition and behavior decreases).  

Los Angeles

Our Mission

Guzman Behavioral Consulting was created with two things in mind:

Quality customer service,


furthering the field of applied behavior analysis.

Quality customer Service: As of 2021, the CDC reported that the rate of Autism Spectrum Disorder is 1 in 44 children born in the United States.  Although this rate is high, there is still a small number of parents and guardians who know (or informed) how to navigate these difficult times ahead of them; this is where we can help. From the initial interaction with Guzman Behavioral Consulting, you will be greeted by a real clinician who genuinely cares to make a difference in your family's life.   We strive to staff and maintain professional and knowledgable clinicians with outstanding communication skills to best help you.  We will help you navigate stressful situations like IEP meetings, talking to insurances, and more.  Although our doors are always open, GBC's end goal is not to work with you forever... Our goal is to provide you with the best service so that you are fully prepared to continue on this journey without us.


Furthering the field of ABA: Many times, a behavior therapist leaves a company to seek another or to change their career path.  However, it is the family whom the therapist works with that suffers the most during this time.  Sometimes it takes time to re-staff your case, sometimes it takes time for you to bond and pair with the new therapist, and sometimes the new therapist is not as strong or knowledgeable as the last one.  We know how this feels, and we know how much it can impact the process for your family member to continue growing and learning. At GBC, we are going against the grain and redesigning the way ABA agencies provide services and view their employees.  We are dedicated to ensuring that all employees are proficient in the principles of ABA and get the support and motivation needed to succeed in their job roles.  By investing heavily in our employees, we have seen an increase in our clients' progression.  

Meet The Founder


Nicolas Guzman. M.A. BCBA
CEO & Founder

When I opened Guzman Behavioral Consulting,  I wanted to change the way that ABA agencies managed their employees.  I have worked at some amazing ABA agencies throughout the years, but I have also seen the processes that take place behind the scenes. 

I wanted to treat my company and employees the same way that any clinician should treat their client: Being communicative, being open and honest, striving to provide quality support and training, and to find what motivates and reinforces them personally to keep them happy, healthy and knowledgeable. 

"I never want to be in a position where I tell myself that I don't have time for a client right now" - Nicolas Guzman

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